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Crypto Mining Pool - POW Read more Collaborate as a Group of Cryptocurrency Miners & Invest in a shared network to find a profitable block.
Stake & Chips - POS Read more Stake your coins tokens and crypto with the most secure and stable networks the internet can offer.
8ZEN Read more Decentralised Smart contract gaming application, for fair and HONEST chances of winning.
DEFI P2P EXCHANGE Read more Exchange your assets easily at a Crypto Marketplace. You can Buy, Sell & Negotiate the assets before the token is transferred.
DEFI PRE PAID Read more Carbonyte BANK, use our gateway to manage, send and receive your dosh, crypto and NFTs all in one place.
ITO Read more Get rewarded and incentivised through our customised Carbonyte Coin.
Crypto Payment Portal Read more For businesses alike, use our sexy portal to allow your customers pay using any cryptocurrency.
FUP NFT Read more Its a F***ed Up Planet, buy trade and hold our NFTs to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

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