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The power of blockchain to create an eco-system to commoditise carbon credits on a retail level. Carbonyte’s long game is to develop one user-friendly application for the users to control all their financial assets in one app, from managing crypto currency to reaping rewards with our staking platform.

Carbonyte Limited will seek to invest and join the creation of these decentralised applications by creating nodes to add to the virtual computers of each coin although at present Ethereum in the humble opinion of Carbonyte has the commercial advantage of widespread adoption.

Smart Contract Staking

Carbonyte has developed cloud computing nodes using containerisation technologies which ensures nodes are always on and the use of Cloud infrastructure and redundancies ensure maximum cybersecurity for Carbonyte and investors. Carbonyte will seek to setup multiple PoS nodes such as Filecoin, Thor-chain, Ethereum, Cardano, Solano, Polkadot and other coins with enterprise value. Carbonyte’s solution is scalable and generic and as such can be applied to multiple networks to create validator nodes and obtain a return of between 15-20% per annum without considering capital growth.

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Pre-paid Debit cards, with carbon calculators and offset built in.

On the basis of an existing commercial agreement with Genius Telecoms, they will offer our cards to their customers. We are currently developing the software and technology using a white label provider, to comply with the regulatory hurdles, however this is giving us a route to market. We are currently going through the process of becoming our own EMI. Prepaid cards offer little risk, but eventually will allow our customers to store and use their cryptocurrencies within our services. In tandem with our DEFI EX generating other sources of revenue.

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ITO – Carbonyte Token

An exchange-traded token (ETT) can be readily created and its value will derive from the value of the crypto coins in each node plus the aggregate return on each token within the node network. The token will then be subject to an initial token offering (ITO) which increases the liquidity of the token, and raises capital for further reinvestment in multiple nodes which increases the return. This is a tokenized ETF.

Carbonyte application will link Carbonyte ETT (exchange-traded token) with carbon credits generated and purchased from energy providers further underpinning the value of the Carbonyte token. It is envisaged that energy generators will either sell their carbon credits to Carbonyte for ETT tokens for cash and the tokens will underpin the ETT value as well. Carbonyte has commercial agreements with the commercial rights holder of a new zero-emission energy generator which will generate zero-emission energy and sell the resultant carbon credits to Carbonyte.

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