The widespread adoption of cryptocurrency heavily depends upon its utility value and acceptance as payment for purchasing goods, creating an application which allows the use of FIAT and the current banking industry, as well as creating multi-coin wallets, allowing users to spend their FIAT or chosen coin as adoption of cryptocurrency increases.  

Carbonyte is undertaking the development of its PCI direct debit, as well as credit and debit card payments. Direct debits using cryptocurrency are still in their infancy, and Carbonyte will need to leverage its vertically integrated products to develop applications in this market.  

We will roll out pre-paid debit cards to our customers, and based on an existing commercial agreement with Genius Telecoms; they will offer Carbonyte’s cards to their customers. We are currently developing the software and technology using a white label provider to comply with the regulatory hurdles. However, this is giving us a route to market. We are currently going through the process of becoming our own EMI. So we can provide banking services to our customers directly. Pre-paid cards offer little risk but eventually will allow our customers to store and use their cryptocurrencies within our services. In tandem with our DeFi Ex generating other sources of revenue.  

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