Carbonyte Limited is a Fintech Company in the UK.

Protection of the environment is of prime concern and a core business value at Carbonyte. The company is involved in the creation of innovative digital payments systems and the increased use of digital currencies in mainstream business. A key aspect of Carbonyte is the creation of a token to commoditise carbon with a view to incentivise the minimisation of production of carbon and increase the sequestration of carbon through simple acquisition of land and replanting of trees to absorbed excess Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases. The company is an amalgamation of various fintech products into one platform. Digital currency exchanges, online banking and international transfer of funds. It will also replace traditional platforms such as GoCardLess. Carbonyte is conscious of its responsibility towards the needs of the communities in which it operates by creating, maintaining and ensuring a safe and clean environment for sustainable development.

In particular, Carbonyte is committed to:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and conditions granted in environmental obligations, as well as take any additional measures considered necessary to go beyond compliance.
  • Implement an environmental compliance management process to capture deviations and report the violations observed by the authorities to the Directors.
  • Follow an international environmental management system, governance process with clearly defined responsibilities in order to achieve continual improvement and communicate environmental performance to our stakeholders.
  • Conserve and minimise use of natural resources by their responsible and efficient use in all our operations.
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent environmental incidents by reducing, reusing, and recycling of waste and minimise discharges and emissions.
  • Ensure appropriate training and awareness on environmental systems, procedures, best practices and on shared responsibility towards environmental protection among employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.
  • Communicate this policy to its stakeholders.

The Environment Manager is responsible for communicating the Environmental Policy to all people working for or on behalf of the organization and making it available to the public.

The Carbonyte Team