carbonyte machine
Subliminal Sequential Condensation Carbon Dioxide Turbine
carbonyte machine
Reverse Fractionation System for Carbon Capture
Allowing our customers to offset any carbon spend they have in real-time.

Exclusive agreements with our patent holder to use and commercialise this piece of innovation. Our long-term goal is to offer an ITO and incentivise our customers to do the right thing and offset their carbon spending.

The token will then be subject to an initial token offering (ITO) which increases the token's liquidity and raises capital for further reinvestment in multiple nodes, which increases the return.

It is envisaged that energy generators will either sell their carbon credits to Carbonyte for tokens or cash, and the tokens will also underpin the value. Carbonyte has commercial agreements with the commercial rights holder of a new zero-emission energy generator which will generate zero-emission energy and sell the resultant carbon credits to Carbonyte.