In creating the multi-coin investment nodes, Carbonyte has the immediate potential to create a multi-coin ETF. Crypto ETFs are currently banned in the USA. There are numerous Canadian Stock Exchange-listed Ethereum ETFs but none in the New York/London equity exchanges. 

An exchange-traded token (ETT) can be readily created, and its value will derive from the value of the crypto coins in each node plus the aggregate return on each token within the node network. This will then be subject to an initial token offering (ITO), which increases the token’s liquidity and raises capital for further reinvestment in multiple nodes, increasing the return.  

The initial token offering will be an aggregated exchangeable token. The token will aggregate all of our services to build the liquidity into the token, and we will offer a fair launch, potentially during our fundraising. Currently have agreements with an innovative carbon sequestration company, with full rights for tokenisation of carbon. Current rates for carbon per tonne equate to about £80/ tonne. Few companies can tokenise this commodity. We aim to fight climate change and earn rewards, a digital currency backed by tangible carbon assets.  

This is being adapted to tracking carbon credits and carbon emissions. This application will link with the Carbonyte ETT detailed previously with carbon credits generated and purchased from energy providers, further underpinning the value of the Carbonyte token. It is envisaged that energy generators will either sell their carbon credits to Carbonyte for ETT tokens for cash, and the tokens will underpin the ETT value. Carbonyte has agreements with the commercial rights holder of a new zero-emission energy generator which will generate zero-emission energy and sell the resultant carbon credits to Carbonyte 

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