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At Carbonyte, we aspire to meet every need of our community. Our customers get to offset their Carbon footprint with every purchase, bringing us one step closer to making the world better.

Carbonyte customers can now also sell to other Carbonyte customers via the Carbonyte Ethical Marketplace. One of the perks of being a Carbonyte customer is that you get access to the Ethical Marketplace, and your products or services will be advertised to other Carbonyte members, expanding your clientele and sales.

Why Carbonyte Marketplace

We have teamed up with businesses that share our goals of helping consumers find what they need at best prices while saving time and money.

The future of shopping, at your fingertips.

How it works?

Your business logo and website will be displayed on the Carbonyte Ethical Marketplace based on your location, general customer satisfaction, and discounts offered to the Carbonyte community. The more significant the discount you provide, the more prominent your business will appear in the marketplace. 

Individuals who are not a part of the Carbonyte community can access your company’s services but will not be able to claim the discount.