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Problem and Solution

The Negative Impact of Fossil Fuel and Carbon Expenditure on the Planet.

Banks globally have financed fossil fuel industries with $3.8 trillion since the Paris Agreement was adopted in 2016.
Massive world-leading financial institutions aren’t doing much, if anything, to help with carbon offset. They’ve actually publicly funded fossil fuels This is where Carbonyte aims to take the lead.

The Solution

Make payments while knowing the Carbon Footprint.

We are a neobank that provides a prepaid debit card with software to educate and promote social change through capturing, tracking, and tracing individual carbon spend to the gram using blockchain technology and an ever-evolving AI GreenTech database.

  • Seed Investment £500k raised -EIS assurance scheme.
  • Partners with MasterCard and Genius Telecoms (cross marketing agreement).
  • Strategic partners in India, with a full team of developers and customer-facing support (180-person multi-disciplined team).
  • Incubator scheme accepted to launch in EU with industry leading EU based banking providership.
  • Exclusive agreement with a carbon capture company and ISO27001 compliant.
  • Uses Blockchain Technology.