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01 - Crypto Mining Software

Carbonyte mining pool allows you to earn Zcash. There are two ways to earn with us, using [one-click (hyperlink)] miner for beginners, and more advanced users can head over to our [start mining (hyperlink].

Carbonyte’s one-click miner lets you use your PC to earn crypto. The software is certified by antiviruses to guarantee no harm is done to your device. The setup is as easy as one-two-three:

1 – Head over to our [web link]

2 – Click on Carbonyte’s one-click miner

3 – Sit back and earn some [dosh/money emoji]

02 - Stake & Chips – POS

Staking as a service

Carbonyte allows users to stake their assets for frequent rewards and minimal slashing risks. We promise 100% uptime and hassle-free crypto payments of your choice using cutting-edge technologies. Provide us with the withdrawal account in addition to the funds, and we use immutable smart contracts to give assurance and guarantee of the payment.

Pooled Staking

Each node consists of 32 ETH; hence people may need to delegate and combine efforts. Therefore, we provide ‘Pooled Staking’ to allow users to join with any amount of ETH and participate in the consensus decision making in one of the largest distributed systems in the world.

You don’t want to hold your keys? That’s okay; we have options you can choose from that suit your needs.

03 - 8ZEN

8Zen is a decentralised application to make betting transparent. You can trust our fun and fair games backed by Ethereum smart contract and earn crypto in real-time. The process and the results are all available on the Ethereum Arbitrum blockchain network as every bet is accounted for.

04 - DeFi P2P Exchange

Carbonyte’s customers can use a transparent, decentralised exchange to convert their assets as part of our multi-Coin project.

05 - DeFi prepaid

Carbonyte’s prepaid card is the path to becoming an Electronic Money Institution. The customers can store and use their crypto assets within our service using our cutting-edge technology.

06 - ITO

The initial token offering enables aggregated exchangeable tokens to be used in all Carbonyte services.

07 - Crypto Payment Portal

Launching soon project, enabling crypto payments as-a-service. Currently in progress to allow businesses to take crypto payments using Carbonyte’s payment portal.

08 - FUP NFT

A blog NFT network to build and share the effects of climate change on our planet. As part of the 8Zen project, customers will be offered a free F*UP NTF.